Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Partridge Lives!

Summer is here again, and with it the end of school activities and the general rushing around that accompanies life with teenagers. This past academic year, we had two exchange students, so keeping up with five teens plus a business and two part-time jobs means something has to give. For me that generally means communications, much to the unhappiness of my long distance relations and friends. But now things have slowed down, and I am working on getting caught up!

I can see I will not be a regular blogger. Ya think? As mentioned a YEAR ago, I will show you the partridge project from start to finish, and so I re-commence now. As you can see from the graphic below, I have ruminated on the design over time, and have changed it, much to my liking.


I have adjusted a few areas of foliage and fruit that I was not satisfied with, and I have moved closer to a final concept for the partridge. Today I am feeling relaxed, looking ahead to the three day weekend, so I think I may tinker with some colors and maybe dye the background. For that, I am thinking about something that will evoke the look of tree foliage as it looks when you stand beneath the tree and see the sunlight and shadows. To do that I'm going to try evenly dyeing the wool a pale warm green, then scrunching the wool in a net bag and doing a resist dye in a darker green, perhaps cooler. I will undoubtedly use colors from the primitive family of colors on my website.

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  1. Great to see you back on the blog! Can't wait to see your finished partridge.